Oh hi. Thanks for joining me.

I'm Bianca Barratt and I love to write. I write features for the likes of Refinery 29, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard, Independent, and Sheerluxe and am a regular contributor to Forbes Women where I write about women in business and the issues surrounding women in the workplace. When I'm not doing that, I help female-led brands create intuitive content that's in tune with their story, brand and values as well as run content workshops and speak on panels at live events. Oh, and I write YA fiction, too.

As a champion of female entrepreneurs, I’m passionate about helping them create content that ignites their own passion for their business and opens them up to a whole new world of ideal clients. If you’re a female or non-binary entrepreneur and have no idea where to start when it comes to creating great content, stay tuned for my digital Intuitive Content Creation course.

I love marmite, hate avocado (controversial, I know) and am looking forward a time when I can just rescue a load of dogs and hang out with them on the beach all day.

You can take a look at my CV or send me an email here.