Content should aim to do three things. Firstly, it should engage your target demographic with stories inspired by - and that inspire visits to - your hotel. Secondly, it should establish your business as an authority on hospitality and the area in which it is located. Lastly, content should work to establish an online space where your hotel can demonstrate itself as a brand.

Take a look below at the ways I can help you build your content.



If you’re looking to add content to your site but don’t know where to start, I can help with that. Once you’ve taken me through your ideas, I can develop a content strategy that comprehensively lays out a plan of action. This could be a plan for creating a blog, including the type of content and regularity of posting or it could be a newsletter that is sent out to existing customers.

It will set out clear targets and explore content ideas that resonate with both your brand and your customers.

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I can create the content either you or I have already planned. This can take several forms in terms of style of tone - as a journalist, it’s part of my job to adapt my tone of voice and subject matter depending on the brand.

This can include pieces such as:

  • City guides to help guests discover the locales important to your work - you can take a look at my Bologna city guide here or find out how to spend 48 hours in Melbourne here.

  • Interviews with your team - take a look at an interview I conducted with influencer and jewellery designer, Lucy Williams, here.

  • Listicles that are inspiring or entertaining - is your hotel near a popular festival site? Perhaps a packing guide such as this one would do the trick.

  • Other ideas include affiliated shopping guides, reading lists and recipes.

The sky really is the limit - we can work together to figure out the kind of content you need on your site.